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How to Make my Cascade Cards

A number of people have asked for my instructions for the cascade card, so here it is. Please note the measurements are for Australian paper sizes only (not American).

Step 1: Score a A4 landscape sheet of card at 99 mm and 198 mm and fold on each score mark both ways (see diagram below). Note: if you don't have an A4 sheet, you can cut down a 12" x12" sheet of card stock to make an A4 sheet.

Step 2: Having the A4 sheet landscape measure up 70 mm from the bottom left hand corner and mark. Measure down 70 mm from the top right hand corner and mark. Join the two marks and cut on the diagonal line (see diagram below).

Step 3: Cut all slits for joining as per measurements in the diagram.

Step 4: Place the 2 sheets in front of you, facing the same direction with the larger width at the top and the smaller width at the bottom. Now carefully slide the interlocking pieces together and fold back to see the cascade card.

Step 5: Now you know how the card goes together. Lightly mark on the front where your layering paper will go.

Step 6: Gently pull apart the card and add the layering paper making each layer 2 mm smaller around all edges and place where you made the marks in step 5.

Step 7: Put back together and add a A5 card at the back and the layering paper at the very front to hold the cascade card into place.

Step 8: Now decorate!

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