Thursday, 11 May 2017

Gold Foil Mother's Day Card

I have been playing around with some foiling techniques that I discovered from Jennifer McGuire's Blog, she explains in detail what you'll need and also has a video to show how it is done.

Basically you'll need a laser printer (the toner is what makes this whole process work), artwork to print, foil sheets and a laminator. I highly recommend watching the video Jennifer has done, so you can see how easy it is to make simple foil cards.

I designed the artwork below on my computer just by using different styled fonts and font sizes until I was happy with the design. I printed it out on my laser printer so that the words were solid black, then added a gold foil sheet on top of the artwork, placed it in between a folded sheet of A4 paper and ran it through a laminator. Magically the foil adheres to the toner, leaving you with a stunning card. I added a few red hearts and voila......card done!

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