My Tips & Tricks

Tips for Taking Great Photos

I always use a portable light box and lamps with daylight globes to take my photos. This helps to get the colours right and to eliminate unwanted shadows, but unfortunately it doesn't stop there. You will also have to spend a bit of time in photoshop or a similar program to adjust the brightness and contrast, tones, and sometimes the highlights and shadows.

Tips for Cutting Crisp Edges

I use a surgical scalpel with detachable blades, cutting mat and metal ruler to get nice crisp edges for my cards and scrapbooking pages. The scalpel is also fantastic to cut around intricate designs and to help place small embellishments on to your project. 

Tips to Make the Perfect Bow

A number of people have asked how I make my bows, so here are my tips to make the perfect bow

First of all you will need a scrap piece of timber and some thin bullet head nails (four nails for each size).

The nails need to be spaced evenly for each size (I have mine at 1cm, 2cm and 3cm).

The closer the spacing the smaller the bow will be. For example, if you have the nails spaced at 1cm, then the end result will be a 3cm bow in width. For a tiny bow, you can also use a dinner fork. Below is a step by step guide.
"Click on image to enlarge"